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Counseling :

A group of well trained counselors under the direction of Ms. Rumki Ghosh, helps the aspirants for study abroad for the best suited country, University and course considering three factors: parental / student's preference, future prospect of that preference after course completion and most importantly University admission criterion and student's academic & co-curricular abilities.

Study Abroad Core Services :

Statement of Purpose/ Essay writing, Application assistance. Education Loan assistance. Forex and Travel assistance. SIM card, Travel Card. Bank Account in Abroad, Accommodation, Airport pick-up etc.

Visa Assistance :

with personalized care we assist for student and dependent visa as well as parental compassionate visit visa.

Strengthen Credentials :

"N-Sure" is a service through which we help students in improving the existing scores in 12th as well as bachelor level through accredited and well recognized Distance Learning qualifications. This is also reduces the chance of year loss in case of academically weak students. This can be taken as an independent service irrespective of application for abroad universities.

Soft Skill Workshop :

"Impact Watch" is a set of interactive which is aimed for developing the additional essential skills that are not structured in our normal education system, but are the key are the key factors to keep one ahead of other peers from appearing the interview till smooth advancement in the career. This is targeted for senior students of a college or junior professionals.

Train-Ur-Brain :

A Multi-player game show kit followed by seminar which is developed and conducted by highly accomplished international trainers. This program is designed to equip school students of standard VI to standard IX with success strategies and skills to propel them towards betterment and attainment through a medium that easily engages child interest. This also helps students to manage stress and time.

Psychometric Assessments :

"Career Aim" is a scientific tool involves assessment of three areas of Indian students: Aptitude, interest and Personality. This is designed to help the students of class X, class XII to decide which stream to select or for anyone who is uncertain about future academic direction. The graphical representation of the test outcome helps to visualize the pathway of one's future education.

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Q. What is the right time for submitting the Applications for abroad universities?
A. Application should be submitted before deadline (if any), preferably 6 months earlier than intake. You need not to wait for your final results. Early start gives better scope for scholarships.
Q. Unlike India, whether it is easy to get admission in preferred/well ranked universities?
A. Yes. Admission process in abroad depends on the entry criterion, in most universities there is no admission test/entrance examinations.
Q. What are the examinations required to study abroad?
A. IELTS/TOEFL/PTE as English language test and for study in USA, SAT for UG, GRE for PG and GMAT for MBA required. Destinations without any examination are also available.
Q. Is there any opportunity for mediocre to weak students?
A. Yes, studying abroad is possible if you have at least 45% in UG degree/Diploma for PG level study and at least 50% in 12th for UG level diploma/Degree.
Q. Do not belong to an economically strong family. Do we have any option to study abroad?
A. Study abroad is a long term investment for better future. If you can spend at least 5 to 6 lacs per annum, you may plan for the same. Bank loans and scholarships for academically strong students are also support for the same.
Q. Do I have to depend on my family for day-to-day expenses in abroad?
A. Most countries offer part-time work during study to earn your living cost. But remember, working should not affect your study and at the time of filing visa besides tuition fee, you need to show the living cost too.
Q. Do I have any opportunity to stay back in abroad?
A. Yes. Most countries offer Post-Study-Work opportunity, when you can work full time; some countries offer laid down procedure to become permanent resident from student visa.