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The first and primary question one should ask whether studying MBBS in abroad is a sensible and effective decision than studying in India. Well, both options have its pros and cons. In this article I am trying to find the answer to this dilemma.

In this year 7th May huge number of student will take Medical Entrance examination for the study of MBBS in India. This year there is lot of changes in the system. The overall scenario of Indian system is:

  • Single entrance examination for the whole India named NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test 2017); all state level medical entrance are withdrawn – single platform of assessment makes competition more fierce.
  • AIIMS and JIPMER do not accept NEET Score for MBBS admission, they have their separate examination
  • Question papers are only in English and Hindi. From 2018-19 Urdu will be introduced. So English language competency will be required to get success in the examination for the vernacular students in the non-Hindi belt.
  • The paper-based test comprises of 180 Multiple Choice Questions (with one correct option) on Physics, Chemistry and Biology(Zoology & Botany) with 45 questions for each module, to be answered in 180 minutes – so you have 1 minute for each answer
  • Each question is of +4 marks(correct) or -1 mark(incorrect) – negative marking is there
  • The country level merit list will be published. The pass marks are 50% for General, 45% for General Physically Handicapped and 40% for rest all categories.
  • In India, there are approximately 53,565 MBBS seats of which 50% is with Government colleges. Rest with private colleges
  • Only 15% all India quota seats to be filled by NEET 2017, of which there are further reservations for SC/ST/OBC/PH candidates.
  • No of examinees (as per the NEET 2016 data) were more than 7 lacs. There is high possibility of increase in this number, as it is the only test.
  • From 2016, the private colleges also are bound to take admission through NEET, thus reducing the chance of admission via management quota (only NRI quota seats are allowed)
  • As the private medical colleges are allowed to act as professional institutes from the not-for-profit institutes recently, there is possibility of higher fees this year.

So from the above it is clear that

  • First 4 %(appx 25,000 students) of the merit list will have the opportunity to join government medical colleges and following 4% will be able to join private medical colleges.
  • No alternative ways to join MBBS in India if your rank in NEET is not on the higher side.
  • Rest 92% (minimum 6.5 lacs) students will not get the chance to join MBBS this year in India. They can seat for two more session at maximum.

So this year students with higher ranks (who will be out of the first 4% but within top 8% of the merit list) will have to join private medical colleges

  • With approximately 70 lacs tuition cost.
  • With chance of less practical exposure to patient cases as the private colleges may be in remote area with less case-study opportunities due to lack of patient – cases
  • Or maybe the most cases will be with same type of cases with malnutrition etc, so variety will be limited or the critical cases will fall under referral system to bigger hospitals at the city.

Now, the point is what a student can do:

  • Wait for next year examination with a temporary admission to any local college for science subjects.
    • Result: loss of year and no guarantee next year admission will be possible
  • Leave the dream and accept the ground reality and join any other stream of study
    • Result: complete loss of career track.
  • The final option is joining MBBS in abroad
    • Result: you will get the perfect career track with direct admission to the MBBS

What is the basic necessity for studying MBBS abroad?

I think the primary necessity is:

  1. Parental awareness – most of our parents are not open for sending their wards abroad mainly because three cause:
    1. Assuming that studying abroad will be very costly
      • In practical, studying many abroad countries is less costly than studying in Indian Private Medical School, for living cost also some country allow part-time work , so that the students can earn while learn
      • No Capitation fee
    2. Recognition and registration with Indian system is complicated and the students will have to appear for MCI clearance test
    3. Whether the students will be able to cope with the study pattern
      • In most countries 1 year foundation is delivered in order to make students prepare more and from the 2nd year actual study of medicine starts.
      • Some countries will allow direct admission to the MBBS only with aggregate 50% in 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
      • Some country will have entrance examination after the first year, for which he will have 1 year time to prepare and the colleges also have the arrangements for the preparation.
  1. Parent should have a minimum fund (including the education loan given by Indian Banks) approximately 15 lacs
  2. Student should have minimum 50% in 12th with PCB or PCM
  3. Should not start the process after the end of the common counseling for NEET-UG as by then abroad admission will be on the verge of “closed”.
  4. So if you understand after the NEET-UG examination, that you will not rank within top 25,000, then look for study abroad opportunities

So, though, studying MBBS in India might be given priority but the point to ponder is whether you will get the chance to join a college. If not, instead of wasting time for the next year, join MBBS abroad is a wiser decision.

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4 thoughts on “Study MBBS

  • January 16, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    Do we have to give neet 2018 exam for studying MBBS in foreign countries?

    • January 16, 2018 at 1:57 pm

      It is yet to be decided by MCI, only a proposal is given by the governing body to MCI. The notification (if at all) might be given after February 2018 by MCI.

      Please note, foreign universities does not require Indian students to appear for NEET-UG as their entrance requirement. You need to take the NEET-UG in case you are planning to come back to India after your MBBS for registration, if you want to practice in the foreign countries, then this requirement may be avoided.

  • July 12, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Can I get mbbs adminition in India or Abroad with 45%in 12 th with PCB.

    • July 13, 2017 at 11:14 am

      Yes, possible. In Philippines. Cost approximately 20 for the full MBBS study. No examination, No Capitation. Send me your 12th marksheet at Also leave your phone number. My number is 8961000154.


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