Lithuania – travelers paradise now turning to be an emerging study destination in Europe

About Lithuania

The southernmost Baltic state – Lithuania is the largest and the most populous country. The capital of the country is Vilnius – a beautiful and picturesque city that is located on the banks of two rivers – Neris and Vilnia. Lithuania is situated in a strategic location between East and West Europe and has a very complicated history.

Lithuania is famous for its culinary export – the cold beet soup. Lithuanian culture is a legacy of its history and has both – a respect for the traditions and a will to innovate and incorporate new things. Lithuania is a member of both NATO and EU.

Lithuania is a country that has a long history of excellent education standards and regal universities. The Vilnius University, which was founded in the year 1579 is a testimony to this. It is a huge Renaissance style complex and houses innumerable inner courtyards – almost like a tiny city within Vilnius city. Lithuanian education standards are very high and a degree from Lithuanian universities will open many new doors for you. Lithuania is a great city for living and studying or for tourism.

Why Study in Lithuania?
• All Programs are in English Language.
• All universities are Govt. or Govt. approved.
• Schengen Country.
• 20 hrs per week part time allowed after 1 year.
• IELTS is not required if you can speak English.
• Average monthly living expenses are estimated to be between
300-400 Euro.
• Accommodation available on walking distance.
• Be part of a modern European country.
• Enjoy quality of life and World class infrastructure.
• Explore culture and hip in capital city Vilnius.

Visa Requirements
• Show money (Approx. Rs. 5- 6 Lacs) in students Account (one day   old funds acceptable).
• Education loan is also accepted provided the same is transferred    in Student account before visa application.
Post Study Work Visa
• Student can use the 6 months after studies for job search visa.

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