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Are you in search of a rewarding and coolest type of career after 12th, then you will find the article handy! If you feel you are passionate about food, then the study related to food science has lot more to offer besides hotel management and cooking and catering business. Almost all professions below deals with food, the greatest passion of the mankind besides being interesting professions with rewarding career. I have tried to give an idea on the earning prospect also. You can have success in all facets of life; read below:

Food Chemist: Actually these professionals check the components of each food and their quality.  Study streams are Food Chemistry and Bio-Chemistry. You should have interest in Chemistry and the world of food items.

Food Tasters: means earning money while eating “professionally”! Sounds interesting? Actually this profession has extensive use of the sensory taste buds and the flavor sensors in our body. There are different types of food tasters, like:

  • Ice – Cream Taster: They assess the quality, colour, smell, appearance and texture of the ice-crèmes and also create new flavours or use of new ingredients to form new ice-crèmes. You need a university degree in Chemistry, Food Science.
  • Chocolate tasters: Just imagine, you are eating chocolates regularly and your parents are proud of you! You need love for chocolates and sharp taste buds. You do not need any specific education background, but should be familiar with the smells of berry, mushroom, black licorice, tea, citrus, beeswax, toast, cinnamon, and savory spices and your scent receptors in the back of your head should be eager to sense the smells.
  • Tea Tasters: Primary function of these professionals is to drink tea to find out the grades of the “would be marketed product” after processing the raw leaves so that tea companies can follow the industry standard. An expert tea taster can identify the country that produced a certain batch, even the region.
  • Wine Tasters: Indians love to drink wine and therefore there is a need for a wine professional or sommelier that can help in understanding the different types of wine and help pair wines with specific foods. Wine tasters also help choose wines for various restaurants that would go well with their menu. Another interesting option is to organize wine tasting tours in vineyards in India. Wine experts can also write articles on wines for lifestyle magazines.

Apart from those professional tasters helps to maintain quality of Olive Oil, Honey, Fruit Juices even vegetables like onion, berries etc.

Earning of a professional taster in India may start from Rs 25,000 per month and a senior sommelier (tea or wine) Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 per month. But in abroad the same profession is considered to a coolest profession and can pay really high, approximately $55,000 USD to $ 70,000 USD per annum which is Rs 2.5 lac to 3.5 lacs per month.

Food Service Consultancy: A slightly different consulting profile is; it is more focused on business aspect like ambiance, menu design and arrangement, interior organization, staff training, equipments and safety measures; they generally comes from Hotel management background with several years of experience in the concerned industry. They generally specialize in different aspect of food service industry in short hotels, restaurants and food chains. Like Rohit Matil, Sarabjit Singh are famous for the architects and interior designers; Narinder Verma, Ram Vithal Rao for kitchen fabrication; Shathbi Basu is a brand for designing the bar layout, procuring equipment, training the bartenders; famous master chef Sanjeev Kapoor is a food consultant. Generally they practice as individuals or may open consulting firms. You have noticed that popular public figures like Sachin Tendulkar, Amisha Patel, Asha Bhosle, Sunil Shetty, Gouri Khan, business tycoon Vikram Thapar, VN Dalmia suddenly become a successful hotelier, but they do not possess any background in this industry. Here these consultants play the pivotal role against decent share from the business profit and the popular figures only does the procurement of fund and of course their brand names are used to promote the hotel/restaurant. Sounds good, right? But you need to start your career as a hotel management student or at least bartender, work and gather experience for few years and then diversify. For Food Service / Restaurant consultants, sky is the limit.

Food Consultant or Nutritionist: They offer expert suggestions to the food service industry, such as Hotels, Food Courts etc. A food and nutrition consultant mainly focuses on to build a menu of healthy food items with the local choice and the availability of the raw materials in the locality. The academic background is usually from education in health, fitness or nutrition. Their job profile includes offering expert suggestions on client’s current menu with items to be added, removed or changed. A food and nutrition consultant generally works as individual professional form his or her own office in a small geographical area. Students are required to focus their study in Food science and Nutrition besides study involving physiology, food service management, biochemistry and culinary arts. Master’s and doctoral degrees in nutrition provide the most comprehensive education for a career. In India, income opportunity is lower as compared to the other more conscious countries of EU or USA. Here an entry level professional can expect approximately 2-3 lacs per annam with maximum reach of 6-7 lacs per annum.

Dietitian: A more specialized and more health industry oriented profession. Dietitians plan food and nutrition programs and promote healthy eating habits to prevent and treat illness. They often work in food service or as part of medical teams in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Dietitians may teach, do research or focus on public health issues in University environments. Dietitians are considered to be nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians, as dietitians focus more on “clinical nutrition” – a stream of complementary medicine. Exceptional communication skills and attributes like patience and concern for human health are essential for pursuing this career. You need to take science with Biology and chemistry and if possible home science, and then do bachelors in home science followed by post-graduate diploma or masters in Dietetics and Nutrition and undertake an internship for 900 hours.  This profession requires registration and every 5 years it has to be renewed. In India, A fresher can get anywhere around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. Those with a master’s degree can expect a package ranging between Rs. 2.5 lakh and Rs. 7 lakh per annum at the entry level, the scope increases with the year of experience. Employment opportunities are especially concentrated in the west, for example in USA, Europe and Canada. Other places of interest are Australia, New Zealand, and even third world or developing countries as everyone is now becoming health conscious and obesity is a global syndrome.

In all the above career prospects you have noticed, you have minimal presence of “Mathematics” and more of health science and Bio science. So, students who are not comfortable with mathematics but still looking for rewarding careers from the science background, the above article might be adding value for them; please leave a comment in case you feel it is motivating for you. I am a professional Career Consultant. Students and parents looking for guidance on career after 12th apart from the known one or if your ward is different from the common, they may consult me.

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